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Cmdr. Mark Kelly's Crew May Wake To AZ Band

PHOENIX- Arizona based recording artists, The Swamp Coolers’ song “I Want To Be an Astronaut” is among 10
finalists in a contest by NASA to choose two original songs that Cmdr. Mark Kelly and his five crewmates will
awake to during their mission to the International Space Station on the shuttle Endeavour.

The 134th and final shuttle mission is slated to launch April 19 from Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Fla.
Kelly, husband of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was injured in the Jan. 8 shootings in Tucson, will command
the flight.

“NASA has a tradition of playing wake-up music for the astronauts, their rock and roll alarm clock. They beam it
up from Mission Control to the shuttle. It would be great if an Arizona band could win this honor,” says Terry Keel,
the band’s guitarist and founder.

"I Want To Be An Astronaut", written by singer and bass player Michael Kunes, was recorded and released
worldwide months before the contest. "When we found out about the NASA contest, we felt our song embodied
the inspiration so many have taken from the astronauts," according to Michael Kunes.

The two songs with the most votes on NASA’s Space Rock website ( will win the
competition. More than 1,300 songs from 47 states and 62 other countries were entered in the contest.
“We’re hoping we can make it all the way. There’s that big connection between ours being the only song from
Arizona — the only one from the entire Southwest, actually — and Mark Kelly commanding the shuttle. We’re
hoping to bring some positive attention to Arizona.

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